Free Ads for 90 days

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Free Ads for 90 days

Partner with Highbrow without spending a dime on advertising for the next 90 days!

Yes, you read that right.

At Highbrow we boast a large community of CBD and Medical Cannabis loyalists and we are offering companies with legal products in the CBD and Medical Cannabis Industry a chance to market to our readers at zero cost.

Why are we doing this? The current economic devastation being faced by businesses due to the COVID-19 pandemic is worrisome to say the least. So many Americans are facing the real threat of losing so much if this crisis does not end soon. Many people are panicking and spending more time stocking their homes with food and essential items. They've become distracted from many of the products they love and that help improve their quality of life. Highbrow wants to help you take action by offering a NO COST advertising option on our platform.

Do you have a quality product for our readers who are in need of the medical benefits of CBD and Medical Cannabis? Can your product help improve their daily lives with this current crisis? We are inviting you to take advantage of our 90-day free advertising offer to showcase your product to our audience at no cost.

Highbrow group was founded on the principle that helping people heal should always be our primary focus, even before our profits. We constantly strive to improve the trust between our readers and advertisers which is why we thoroughly vet every product advertised on our website. If you have a legal product that can serve the needs of our readers, then we encourage you to take this opportunity. The service will be 100% free and that doesn't mean that we will just dump your ads on our site and leave it for 90 days. If you accept our relief offering, we will;

  • We will provide full reporting weekly on the performance of your ad/ads
  • We will Follow-up with concerns/questions from the Highbrow community
  • We will update you regularly and also send recommendations on what to improve (if any) to you.

There are very few things in life that are free. What are you waiting for? Here’s how to get started.

Click here for Free Ad - Request form

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