How Cannabis can help alleviate Anxiety in times like this

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Indeed, everyone experiences moments of stress and anxiety at one point in their lifetime.

Associated causal agents include worrying about financial constraints, social problem, and health issues. According to the American Psychology Association, anxiety and stress disorder are some of the major severe mental illnesses. People suffering from stress and anxiety experience derailed daily functionalities, such that they cannot lead a normal life or cope with everyday activities positively. Despite the use of different prescription medications, people indicate slow recovery. Experts in medical research have found cannabis can help in alleviating one’s anxiety and stressful condition. Therefore, it is a recommended medication, especially during this stressful period of anxiety while the entire world is dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic.

Currently, the world is at a worrying state, following the increased spread rate of COVID-19. Many people have lost their lives with confirmed cases of the virus continuing to augment globally. Having spread to almost every nation, people are living with anxiety and stress, not knowing what will happen next. As a result, victims of anxiety and stress stand at an elevated risk of developing severe mental illnesses if responsive measures are not initiated. Scientists recommend the use of cannabis as an option to manage stress and anxiety among the affected people (Highbrow Group, 2019). The discovery associates the cannabis plant with the production of essential health products, such as cannabidiol (CBD) and medical marijuana (MMJ) (Highbrow Group, 2019). According to many experts, these natural products can be the best treatment option for the management of anxiety and stress.

Application of CBD can happen in the form of vaporised liquid, oil, or oil-based capsule. Besides, experts recommend eating CBD gummies (Highbrow Group, 2019). Although other researches associate cannabis with mental disorders and addiction, a 2018 report by the World Health Organization indicated that CBD has no health risk and cannot lead to dependency (Highbrow Group, 2019). However, users must abide by the prescribed dosage. The product calms one down by activating serotonin receptors, resulting in a calming effect to the body’s nervous system (Highbrow Group, 2019). Once the body calms down, an individual’s mood gets boosted; thus, overcoming anxiety or stress. When an individual takes the right level of medical marijuana, it comes with a reduced level of THC (Highbrow Group, 2019). As a result, CBD reacts positively; overcoming anxiety or stress.

Equally, extensive researches have concluded that medical marijuana (MMJ) is an essential medicine in curbing stress and anxiety. Medical marijuana is believed to have anxiolytic properties, implying that it is the best medicine for reducing anxiety (Highbrow Group, 2019). Besides medical marijuana, CBD has no effect of feeling inebriate, as evidenced in the consumption of marijuana. Also, it contains a low level of THC, and, therefore, experts consider it as the medicine to alleviate stress or anxiety, without being psychoactive (Highbrow Group, 2019). Usages of these products include lotion and creams, capsules and pills, and edible gummies. According to a report by Mayo Clinic, smoking cannabis can also work in managing stress and anxiety, but under controlled measures (Highbrow Group, 2019). In other words, only smoke when the need arises to avoid misuse and overuse.

Indeed, with the current state of the health crisis, many people are living under anxiety and stress for a prolonged period time. Experts in medical research have identified a potential in cannabis to manage these conditions. Therefore, people living under stress and anxiety are recommended to consider taking cannabis to improve their health since it is linked with no harmful health risk. However, the products, and, in this case, CBD and MMJ, must be consumed based on prescription to avoid overuse.

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