The Most Innovative CBD Companies of 2020

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Cannabidiol of CBD is becoming increasingly popular due to its therapeutic effect for various ailments, such as pain, epilepsy, and sleeplessness.

The best part is that it does so without the “high” feeling associated with cannabis. With increasing popularity, many companies are booming, creating an extremely competitive environment. To meet up with the demands and stay on the top, many companies have walked the extra mile to provide their users with innovative solutions.

Here are the top five companies that have come up with the most innovative CBD products.

Five Best Innovative CBD Companies


Cannabidiol chewing gum is becoming increasingly popular as it is a tasty and convenient way to take CBD.

As opposed to drops, chewing gum removes the worry of measuring the CBD dose. It is easy to take it while you are on the go.

CanChew provides patented chewing gum and is the first company in the world to do so. The product is also featured in various magazines.

Moreover, the chewing gum is vegan, gluten-free, non-GMO, and is free of preservatives and artificial sweeteners.

Even though it came into the market last year, it has become really popular. This patented formula allows you to absorb the majority of the CBD in the initial 30 minutes.


This is the only cannabidiol supplement that is not derived from the cannabis plant. Kannaway’s premiumHumulus Oil is prepared from the Humulus plant extract.

It is an innovative product as cannabidiol is legal in America, and there has been confusion about the legality of certain products. Kannaway has taken away this stress.


Cibaderm has come up with CBD conditioner and shampoo. Cannabidiol is helpful for hair and skin as it fights inflammation and irritation. It also prevents the overproduction of oil and is rich in antioxidants.

Moreover, CBD perfectly blends with essential oils to strengthen and moisturize your skin. Cibaderm helps to fight scalp disorders while revitalizing your hair.

The best part of the shampoo is that it is free of sulfates, parabens, scents, artificial dyes, or other harsh chemicals.

Overall, it is a gentle shampoo that is on par with shampoos you get from the salon.

Another great part is that the shampoo and conditioner are safe for color-treated hair. So, now you can have healthy locks without giving up on style.

Diamond CBD

Most cannabidiol products in the market contain CBD isolate. It means that these products contain only CBD and no other compounds of the cannabis plant.

However, other cannabinoids are also healthy. It is seen that full-spectrum cannabidiol oil is more effective for pain and other disorders.

Diamond CBD is a prestigious company that uses the gentlest extraction process and non-GMO sources. They guarantee that you get most of their products.

Diamond has rolled out products with full-spectrum CBD oil that includes all cannabinoids present in the plant. While it may contain a trace quantity of THC, it doesn’t cause psychoactive effects.

Sträva Craft Coffee

Sträva Craft Coffee is an expanding company formed by a pair of friends that love delicious, high-quality, and responsibly sourced coffee. Sträva offers hemp oil-infused coffee that is rich in cannabidiol.

Cannabidiol coffee is a new sensation in the CBD market. Coffee is an integral part of many people’s routines. So, adding CBD to coffee is the perfect way to provide benefits without people having to go out of their comfort zone.

Furthermore, CBD relieves anxiety, which is one of the side-effects of taking too much caffeine.

Sträva provides four varieties of CBD coffee, each containing different amounts of CBD per 12-ounce bag. You also get a decaf option with 60 mg of CBD.

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