Where to buy CBD oil in Texas in 2020, Is it Legal?

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There are no two opinions on the popularity and benefits of CBD for various health ailments. If you live in Texas, the legality of CBD oil completely depends on the source of origin.

While CBD derived from hemp is accepted, marijuana products are strictly prohibited.

If you are planning to get CBD oil, finding a reputable manufacturer online is the best way to get CBD oil in Texas.

Let’s understand more about the legality of CBD oil in Texas.

Is CBD Oil Legal In Texas?

The legality of CBD oil in Texas depends on its source. CBD oil is mainly derived from marijuana and hemp. Here is what the federal law state about both of them:

CBD Oil From Marijuana

Texas has strict laws when it comes to CBD oil that is derived from marijuana. It is illegal to possess marijuana for recreational use. The punishment includes:

  • $2,000 fine and imprisonment for 180 days if you are caught with less than two ounces of marijuana.
  • $10,000 lighter and imprisonment up to two years if you are caught with higher amounts of weed.

Texas has legalized CBD oil derived from marijuana for people with epilepsy. You can get low-THC CBD if your doctor feels it is right for you. However, you will have to take a second opinion of a doctor, and he also should be of the same opinion.

CBD Oil from Hemp

The Farm Bill of 2018 has legalized the use of CBD oil from hemp for commercial use. So, it is legal to grow and sell CBD products, including health supplements.

If you are caught with CBD oil, you may be detained until the laboratory analysis confirms that it is derived from hemp.

So, it is always a good idea to get CBD oil that comes with a proof of analysis from a laboratory.

Where To Buy?

You can choose to buy CBD oil, both online and offline.

Some popular stores that offer CBD oil are:

  • Houston CBD LLC
  • VaporFi
  • American Shaman CBD
  • CBD Kratom
  • 710 Vapors
  • The Cherry Apothecary
  • Phoenix Vapor Shop
  • Restart CBD
  • Austin Vape& Smoke
  • Texas Vape Store
  • CBD Relief
  • CBD Vape Smoke Shop Chevron

It is much easier to buy CBD oil online. You can check for consumer reviews, types of CBD oil available, and authenticity before purchasing the oil. Besides, many manufacturers offer great deals and free shipping.

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